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Meet Dr. Fahmi Farah

Dr. Fahmi Farah is a highly trained and accomplished Cardiologist, who practices Cardiology in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the founder, CEO and medical director of Bentley Heart and is also a founding director for the Global Health Alliance Foundation. She is an adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Farah is a growing leader in her field and is internationally recognized for her work. She was recently awarded the Top Cardiologist in 2020 by Fort Worth Magazine. She was awarded the Distinguished Faculty of the Year award by the University of Texas at Tyler in 2018. Dr. Farah is a public speaker, author, cook, artist and singer. She has written a number of articles, book chapter and she is a published author in multiple peer-reviewed journals in Cardiology. She is an advocate of heart health and has served as the keynote speaker at a number of events including the American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon. She is a global force for heart health and has worked with some of the world leaders including from the United Nation, World Health Organization and UNICEF in promoting global health. She has been a speaker at numerous global webinars sharing her knowledge and expertise. Dr. Farah has been recognized for her expertise in heart disease as an invited guest by various media outlets including NPR news, NBC news, ABC news and the Doing It Right show with Valery Sokolosky, podcast host Fox News affiliate. She appeared on the front page on the newspaper in East Texas for her promotion of heart disease. She was also featured in an Australian news journal in a series of articles titled “Pioneer in Medicine” for her work in Cardiology.

Dr. Farah is a Board Certified Invasive Cardiologist and a Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologist and she specializes in a multitude of heart conditions including chest pain, heart attack, coronary artery disease and blockages, heart failure, valvular heart disease, arrhythmia, palpitations, syncope, nuclear Cardiology, echocardiography and women’s heart disease. She is an avid promoter of prevention & wellness. She practices evidence-based medicine and has the expertise to combine this with each of her patient’s unique lifestyles and guide them with nutrition, activity and wellness to achieve their best health.

Dr. Farah has a diverse educational background and always strives for excellence. She obtained a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. She studied Medicine at the Texas Tech School of medicine in Lubbock, Texas and did her Internal medicine training at Baylor Scott & White in Temple, Texas. From there, she went on to the University of Oklahoma where she completed her Fellowship in Cardiovascular disease. She was trained by some of the pioneers in the field of Cardiology at the University of Oklahoma.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Farah is a rising global force for her humanitarian work. She is a Founding Director of Global Health Alliance Foundation working on health, education, innovation, economic growth and climate action at a global level. Dr. Farah grew up here in Fort Worth and is a local of this area. She went to North Crowley High School and has been involved in this community her whole life. Dr. Farah grew a passion for community service and leadership from a very young age. In High School, she served as the president of the Kiwanes International Club, which is known to be the largest community service organization, where she focused on raising funds for underserved children and fight against cancer for children. She also served on numerous committees at the city level where she promoted her love for the environment and initiated programs for planting trees to improve our community right here in Fort Worth.

Dr. Farah has continued her passion for service and leadership throughout her career and whichever community she was a part of. While in medical school, she served as the president of the Student National Medical Association for two years, where she worked to raise awareness towards underserved students. During her two-year tenure as the president, she started a high school and college mentorship program, an annual health fair for the community, an annual multicultural banquet to promote diversity, which is now one of the largest fundraising events in Lubbock, Texas. She also founded a scholarship program and an endowment at the Texas Tech School of Medicine for underserved medical students.

Outside of Medicine and community service, Dr. Farah is gifted with many talents that she is very passionate about and continues to practice even through her busy days. She is an artist and paints landscapes. She sings classical music. She loves to cook and is an innovator of healthy recipes. She is a writer and blogger promoting health & wellness around the world.

It has been a long journey in becoming an accomplished invasive cardiologist and Dr. Farah is very excited to come back home and bring her expertise in cardiovascular disease and her passion for service to her very own community and serve her people.


Bachelors In Biochemistry

University Of Texas At Austin Austin Texas

Medical School (M.D.)

Texas Tech University Health Science Unter Lubbock Texas

Residency In Internal Medicine

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Temple Texas

Cardiology Fellowship

University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Board Certifications

Bachelors In Biochemistry
Medical School (M.D.)
Residency In Internal Medicine

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